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XV Random Quotes

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XV Random Quotes is the first WordPress plugin I really take care individually: both the source code and the management ad WordPress.org’s end,  with the plugin being in the WordPress plugins repository.

Background of XV Random Quotes

XV Random Quotes

This plugin is really a fork: it’s based in previous developer’s plugins that, slowly, added all the features this plugins has at the moment of writing this. That’s why I want to mention all of them.

  • The original plugin, Random Quotes, by Zombie Robot
  • Ico, who took it after that, naming it Stray Random Quotes
  • Finally Sergey Sirotkin, who made the latest updates and fixes, with the name Stray Random Quotes Z.

As I explain in post presenting the plugin (in Catalan), this is an extension I use at my blog since a very very long time, and it needed a bit of love: rewriting of most of the codebase, fixing some bugs, adapting it to the new WordPress standards,… And not only I use it, but it’s the main reason of most of the traffic that arrives to this blog through search engines: the quotes page (also in Catalan).

The future of XV Random Quotes

My goal is not only keep improving XV Random Quotes, but also take the opportunity of using it as a playpen where I can apply some of the stuff I do (or at least I try to do) every day at work: clean code, design patterns, unit and integration testing,… And all of that in PHP, a programming language that allows you to write the worst spaguetti code you’ve ever seen, but it also allows you to do things right.

If you find any bug, please let me know, eigher through the contact section of this same blog or, (ideally) from the plugin’s issues list at GitHub, where I plan to manage the plugin’s development.

And last but not least, both the plugin’s logo and the header have been designed by my friend Mario Santacreu.


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